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  •  PA-13: w/ 41% in, assume no votes are from Montgo (0+ / 0-)

    Montgomery County results are VERY SLOW to report in every election.  With 41% of the precincts in in PA-13, Boyle has 65% but these are probably all Philadelphia precincts and none are from Montgomery.

    That is not to say that Marjorie would be able to overcome his lead when the Montgo precincts finally report.

    I expect the Montgo precincts will have a more even distribution of votes - with more votes for Leach and Arkoosh, and some for Boyle.

    I doubt that Margolies will pull anywhere near 65% of the Montgo vote.

    So ... it may depend on the difference between the turnout percentages in the Phila half of the District versus the Montgomery half of the District.  If there were a significant difference in turnout between the two halves, she may have a slightly better chance of catching Boyle.

    Doubt it.

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