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View Diary: Michael Boggs nomination proving divisive among Democrats, Congressional Black Caucus (71 comments)

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  •  This situation is nothing new for the Democrats (1+ / 0-)
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    The only reason that the Republican Party is able in this day and age to challenge the Democrat Party is because the Democrats in Congress keep on ENABLING them.

    Flash back to the Clarence Thomas' Supreme Court nomination hearings before the Senate. The Senate Democrats had been successful in shooting down Robert Bork's nomination to the Supreme Court. However the Democrats led by Ted Kennedy showed a certain amount of timidity in their handling of the Thomas nomination (with the Republicans whispering in the background that the Thomas nomination represented an excellent replacement on the Court for the deceased African American Justice Thurgood Marshall). Unfortunately their racism showed up in their fear that they might be accused of being racially biased (by the Republicans) if they were too aggressive in challenging Thomas on his "conservative" views, as they did with the Bork nomination.

    Relief for the Senate Democrats came in the form of Anita Hill's testimony. Once again background racism in the minds of the Senate Democrats came into play when Hill revealed her startling testimony that virtually indicted Thomas as an sexually aggressive creepy boss who went as far as putting his pubic hairs on a soda can that he then offered to her to drink. In the minds of the Democrats the Hill testimony would surely be sufficient to derail the Thomas nomination, so they just sat back and let the procedure continue. Much to their surprise (but lacking any real concern) Thomas' nomination was accepted, but not to worry. After all how different would Thomas be on the court as compared to Marshall on the Court, after all its just two black guys on the Court? Its 2014 and now we see that there is a difference between the two black guys on the Court.

    This is a different issue obviously, but one in which the Democrats appear to be up to their old tricks of taking the easy way out regardless of the future impact that their choices will have for the nation. It is up to us to be the backbone in the spine of our elected Democrat Congress. WE must make them stand up for the correct positions otherwise we will be paying for such mistakes for many decades to come.

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