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View Diary: Dr. Reince Priebus says Hillary won't run because she's had a bad month (116 comments)

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  •  She signed the letter didn't she, they all did (1+ / 0-)
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    You think every single woman in the Senate just spontaneously decided more than 2 full years before the nomination that the most important thing they had to do right now, this minute, was to sign the very same letter endorsing Hillary?

    Can you tell me her position on Social Security and Medicare cuts like the plans of DLC, Third Way, Fix the Debt scumbags to impose CCPI on the oldest old women so that their Social Security benefits will be cut by tens of thousands of dollars leaving them destitute in their '90s?  How about Medicare means testing in Obama's budget - another plan to be sure women have to spend down all their assets early in their retirement years so they are broke when they are 95.

    I can't recall hearing Hillary speak against the Third Way scumbags plans to impoverish old women but if she has broken with that crowd it would be helpful to know.

    It's not purity.  I'm talking the big deal issues. War and peace.  Social Security and Medicare.  I don't care if she started a women's shelter or whatever 20 year ago. I want to know what her budget priorities are NOW.

    Bernie of course is not a Democrat which pretty much proves the sad, sad, point that if you're looking for a candidate who shares your position on the issues you won't find the candidate running in the Democratic Party.  

    But who needs issues, we have HILLARY.  Who cares about priorities, we have HILLARY.  We cares about the future, we have HIILLARY.  

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