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View Diary: Texas man could get 5 years to life in prison for pot brownies (121 comments)

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  •  Williamson County is known for this kind of thing (17+ / 0-)

    I'm not saying this isn't stupid, it is -- but WilCo is where Ken Anderson was God for years because he was so tough on crime. (so tough he convicted the wrong man for a murder while the actual murdered was free to kill another woman before he was caught). It wouldn't surprise me if a Williamson County jury convicted on this.

    Otoh, the family is outraged when "tough on crime" comes home to roost? Boo freaking hoo. If there is some kind of intervention on this case to alleviate this injustive, there had better be a review of all the harsh sentences passed down up there, because otherwise this'll just be a different injustice.

    •  Conservatives in Texas (6+ / 0-)

      are usually conservative because in small towns in Texas that's what you are.

      One of my small-town liberal friends out in the hill country went to vote in the primary election this spring. She found there were no Democratic ballots available. None. Not a one for the whole county. The election workers told her that if she wanted to vote for the Democratic candidates, she'd have to drive to Austin, over an hour away, and see if folks in the state capital might help her.

      My friend complained to me, but she didn't say anything to anyone in this small town. She wouldn't dare, because she has to live among these people. She retired in the area many years ago, because it was what she could afford. If folks there get mad at her, she wouldn't be able to get groceries or gas or medical care or house repairs or anything else in town.

      Probably 99% of these small town conservatives have never once considered that they are the kind of people who might be affected by the stiff rules that they support. Kinda like Mr. Limbaugh rants against drug addicts, but doesn't think of himself as one.

    •  ditto on Williamson County (3+ / 0-)

      I spent 10 years in Austin until recently, and everyone know - don't even get stopped for speeding in Williamson Cty.

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