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View Diary: 'American Spring' organizers baffled as to where their 10-30 million 'patriots' went (386 comments)

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  •  American Spring-vs-Dr. M.L. King (7+ / 0-)

    So apparently, the rain is a real issue when it comes to marching for freedom and your very existence as a people.

    “We were getting over two inches of rain in hour in parts of Virginia this morning,” Mr. Milton said. “Now it’s a nice sunny day. But this is a very poor turnout. It ain’t no millions. And it ain’t looking like there’s going to be millions. Hundreds is more like it.”
    I'm sure most of these people there are mostly "god-fearing Christians", who think that god is on their side.  One has to wonder why the Almighty sent so much rain on such an epic day?

    On the other side of the ledger, when Dr. Martin Luther King and his supporters were marching from Selma to Montgomery, they didn't exactly have pristine conditions, either.

    On March 22 and 23, 300 protesters marched through chilling rain across Lowndes county, camping at three sites in muddy fields.

    And from there, thousands of others joined them and took up the cause.


    On Thursday, March 25, 25,000 people marched from St. Jude to the steps of the State Capitol Building where King delivered the speech "How Long, Not Long."

    One has to simply wonder at how different the sheer power of will becomes when people are fighting against a threat which is real and tangible, as compared to those fighting against something that exists only in their paranoid and fevered minds.

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