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  •  Internecine Internet Hatefest (4+ / 0-)
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    I know people who believe Ted Nuggent is "right".  I know people who listen to Rush every day.  I know people who truly believe the president is going to take their guns away right before he declares martial law.  And they probably score higher on any racist index than I ever have.  And most of them believe that they are going to disappear one day and go live up inside the sun with Jesus while all the non-believers slaughter each other and kill all but a handful of Muslims and Jews and dark skinned folk.

    Other than that they are decent enough, one of them far more altruistic than myself.

    I remember that line by Neil Young:  "hate is everything you think it is."

    Doesn't matter who or where it is coming from.  And you can't say, yeah, but - our hate is better than theirs!  It's all the same.  It works just as it is supposed to work, driving the wedge.

    As long as we remain divided we remain hopeless.

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