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  •  J'accuse! (0+ / 0-)

    True, Bob was not on the cruise ship.  I assumed he simply played his part in facilitating the scam, and he knew how it would end.

    Pete's forgiveness doesn't mean much to me, because he is just self-serving enough to be glad she is dead.

    But you may be right.  I have read lots of commentary, and no one seems to care about Pete's mother but me.  In fact, most people seem to think it is one big joke.

    •  There was nothing in the script (0+ / 0-)

      that I can recall that suggests Bob was in any way connected with Manolo's scheme. You're reading a lot between the lines there.

      It doesn't make sense that Bob would risk his position at SCP just as he was moving up, or risk his relationship with Pete (who he was attracted to), to run a con on the side.

      And, of course as we know, Pete's mother actually had no money to inherit.

      •  Let’s say you are right (0+ / 0-)

        Pete and his brother figured that Manolo thought their mother had money, and that he would split once he found out otherwise.

        But if money was not the motive, does that mean that Manolo and Pete’s mother got married because it was true love?

        I really want to know, because I seem to be all alone on this.  Everyone except me seems to think as you do, but no one has ever given men a plausible explanation as to what Manolo's motive was, especially since Bob suggests Manolo is also gay.

        Let me put it this way.  A gay man marries a much older woman who is senile, and she is lost overboard on a cruise ship.  Why am I the only one who thinks it was murder?

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