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View Diary: Republican lieutenant governor candidate in Alaska: 'I'd probably invade ANWR' (52 comments)

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    1. First, estimate the size of this guy's Army for the Liberation of the Oil Loving Caribou.  Let's say when Cliven Bundy's crew shows up, there is a mass welling of support and he's got 100 crack troops.  (Or should I say cracked troops?)

    2. Next, estimate the size of ANWR.  The Google tells me 30,136 square miles.  So each cracked trooper has to control 301.36 square miles.  (Note: New York City is 469 square miles.)  That's going to be an interesting tactical exercise.  Note that the US couldn't control Iraq with 250,000 troops (this yields about 400x the density) and those commanders not invested in the thing estimated they would need ten times that.

    3. Those Bushmasters use a lot of ammo, especially when in the hands of stupid gun nut rednecks.  500 rounds of ammunition weighs a hell of a lot if you're doing a 500 mile forced march across the tundra.

    4. Did anyone mention that it's fucking cold up there?  Cliven Bundy's crew are in for one hell of a shock.

    5. Did anyone mention that there is probably no economically viable oil to be found in ANWR?

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