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View Diary: President Obama addresses VA health care problems (84 comments)

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  •  Obama has thrown money at the VA (4+ / 0-)
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    Bush's last budget highlights, amounts, priorities total 93.7:

    BUdget report for Obama's 2013 budget: total budget $140 billion, also breakdowns of spending, priorities:

    Budget for 2014:

    The medical treatment times is a new twist on the most reported problems, which in years past focused publicly  more with handling disability clams.  Which is understandable if various hospitals were cooking the books on wait times.  Nobody believes patients (not even their doctors many times).

    I am sure tha the scandal won't go away, it is the best thing the Republicans have been able to dig up, with some real meat to it.   On the other hand it may be a few of the hospitals with largest demand, which means lots of patients denied, but isn't a deliberate policy of the VA.  Time will tell as the IG reports are completed and made public how deep this goes.

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      On the other hand it may be a few of the hospitals with largest demand, which means lots of patients denied, but isn't a deliberate policy of the VA.
      From the LA Times link above:
      The 1,700 hospitals and clinics in the VA system — the nation's largest integrated healthcare network — now handle 80 million outpatient visits a year.
      That's a lot of visits!

      I think one of the missing elements is that many vets don't understand they have veteran service officers from the various veterans groups (VFW, DAV, etc) who will help them navigate the system and advocate for them. Also their local congressional delegation have veteran liaisons at their local offices, mine has 6 that just deal with vet issues.

      My disability claim took all of 4 months.


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      •  I understand it is huge (2+ / 0-)
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        I was at a seminar yesterday where the state veterans agency mentioned that Georgia vets/facilites receive some 6 plus billion a year, $4.6 in direct benefits, other in support of agencies, hospitals, clinics.  Georgia also has for its population a large number of totally disabled vets.  

        I think the Obama administration has made efforts to make things better, much better than Bush did or MCCain would have done, more money, more facilities and improvements in existing facilities, more patients seen, more disability claims handled.   But its is one very big swamp with a lot of alligators that were allowed to flourish for a long time before Obama was elected.  And even the large increase in budget isn't enough money to address everything that has been undone for a long time.

    •  Its the one thing ive seen thats fair. (0+ / 0-)

      Congress hasnt deprived the VA of money, so what we have here is a management problem.

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