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View Diary: Here are the five Democrats who will serve on the GOP's #Benghazi panel (187 comments)

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  •  Charlie Brown keeps trying to kick that ball (1+ / 0-)
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    The Democrats in the House aren't fighting back. They're not going to fight back. If Boehner believed the Democrats would fight back, he would never have gone through with it.

    Fighting back would have been Nancy Pelosi denouncing this completely unnecessary and totally bogus "investigation" in the strongest terms and forbidding anyone in her caucus from participating... when it was first brought up -- weeks ago.

    What we're going to see is Democrats getting "equal time" on the news networks to complain in quiet voices about rough handling and quietly sit there as Republicans get to use the people's time and resources to grandstand on yet another non-issue.

    The Democrats in the House have embraced their minority status and will predictably go along meekly with whatever lunacy the majority demands.

    Fortunately, as Kos points out, just as predictably the Republicans will overreach and implode all by themselves.

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