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View Diary: Former Christie aide says lane closures were political payback (127 comments)

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    That does not at all mean that the lanes were closed in retaliation for Sokolich not endorsing Christie.

    It more likely means that, had Sokolich agreed to endorse, the lane closure plot might have been thought the better of, the calculus might have ended up that they couldn't go forward with the plot, because they'd have to deal with the blowback from an ally.  For example, Sokolich would expect to get his calls returned, there'd be someone in the Gov's relection campaign who could not ignore him.

    Confirming Sokolich's non-endorsement was just checking off the boxes, the last potential issue to consider before saying, full steam ahead.

    I am still firmly convinced that this was a much bigger deal than petty retribution, mostly likely it was aimed at grabbing a piece of the Hudson Lights development pie.  

    A far more damning motive.

    •  There was an election in 1997 (1+ / 0-)
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      James McGreevey was mayor of Woodbridge & running against Christine Todd Whitman, who was the incumbent governor.

      There were some well-timed traffic delays from the construction project that the state of NJ started in the heavily-traveled stretch of Rt 1 & 9 where it crosses over Rt 35 in Avenel/Iselin. McGreevey had complained that it would create traffic disruption.

      Whitman's margin of victory was slim, but she did win that election.

      •  This is not that (1+ / 0-)
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        penelope pnortney

        The "traffic study" was supposed to last a month.

        While Christie and cronies could still deny there was any scandal, both Christie and his lead ally Sen O'Toole voiced loud support for permanently taking away Fort Lee's great bridge access.

        There was something far more nefarious than influencing an election or slapping down a minor political figure for failure to kiss the ring.

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