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View Diary: One county shows why Tom Corbett is doomed (115 comments)

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  •  Wolf has proven to be a great candidate (13+ / 0-)

    Won all 67 counties in the primary, beating a decade-long Congresswoman, the state treasurer, and a former enviro secretary 58-18-17-7.  He comes off as genuine, caring, and effective in his ads, such as:

    •  I saw some of his ads (3+ / 0-)
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      sethtriggs, Bmeis, MichaelNY

      since we get Philly stations. They were straightforward, no-nonsense, 'this is who I am' type ads. I didn't hear anything negative about his opponents in them.

      I liked the one with employees of his company, all of whom had been there at least 10 yrs, some 25 and 30 yrs. A nice diversity of people too.

      That doesn't happen much anymore, and people like that.

      It also helps that the only negative thing I heard about him was something that happened over 40 yrs ago, he acknowledged it, and basically said 'hey, it was 40+ yrs ago, it was a crisis situation, and I said something I regret.'

      The fact that it was DECADES ago, and that he didn't deny it, impressed me a lot.

      I think he's going to do REALLY well in Nov.

    •  Yes^ (1+ / 0-)
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      I never knew much about Schwartz and had never heard her speak much before this election, and I was thoroughly unimpressed.  She just wasn't a very forceful speaker, seemed incapable of putting together forceful, declarative sentences, and didn't have the type of background that impresses many voters.  People simply prefer a local businessman over a career politician, for better or worse.

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