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View Diary: Yes, the Republican Party sucks. Let's move on. (45 comments)

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  •  It's a racket (11+ / 0-)
    I get a good thirty emails a day from causes of the left, candidates of the left or the Democratic leadership.  The vast majority are asking for money (necessary, I realize to champion our causes and candidates), but almost always have cheesy appeals to emotion.  The subject lines usually read something like:

    "You won't believe what the Koch brothers said this morning!"

    "Mitch McConnell outrage!"

    "Jon Stewart rips Rush Limbaugh apart! MUST SEE!"

    "Fox News Craziness!"

    The weird thing is, the Right has exactly the same thing. They're identical. Back in the late 80s, Karl Rove called it anger points - things your opponent does that can used to piss off your base.

    The Right's version is much more dishonest. And the anger points are chosen to appeal to the conservative reptile mind, just the way Blue's anger points are chosen to appeal to liberal values which are comprised almost entirely of identity politics and cultural issues.

    Neither side uses populist, economic issues very much. Some, but not much.

    It was surreal to see the rights version of this whole racket. It was like a mirror image. All design to keep us hating each other while the Empires agenda moves forward.

    TPP anyone? What's that?

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