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View Diary: Is the traditional media oblivious to the midterm narrative that is falling apart? (159 comments)

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    Stude Dude, Bronx59

    It is important in all contests to create a narrative so the optics tend to favor the preferred outcome. All parties tend to pick and choose data to support their preferred outcome, even to the point of deskewing data before the fact and creating excuses after.

    Unfortunately polls are not an exact science and past performance does not necessarily predict future performance.  There is no real way to predict who is going to vote or what last minute complications will occur.

    Therefore it does not do a lot of good to complain about 'the lamestream media' or  to state the obvious situation where another accepted facts are different than your own. No amount of reeducation will convince the average fox news watcher that Obama is a US citizen or that Clinton did not cause the housing meltdown by forces banks to lend to minorities, thus destroying the wholesome middle class white neighborhoods.

    What does help is convincing people to vote, not by calling them stupid for not voting or not voting you way, but by convincing them that the more people vote, the more democracy we have. Or by appealing to their better self by showing that we do not all have to be self serving bastards.  There is another way.

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