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View Diary: Would you invest in a dKos windfarm? [UPDATED] (217 comments)

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    I set aside money for investments and some money is allocated for political contributions. This would just divert my investment money from one possibly source into a wind farm. It wouldn't take anything away from political campaigns.
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      look at all of the money thrown around in this last election and what good did it do?  how much did kerry NOT spend???

      this sounds like a positive, proactive, empowering (maybe?) idea that I think is a better investment of your money.  why give $100 to some politician to support ideas you agree with when here is possibly a way to cut out that middle man and maybe get something done.

      i don't really have this kind of cash to throw around, but i'm mostly through an MFA in photography and i'd be happy to take photos for your annual report.

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