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View Diary: Would you invest in a dKos windfarm? [UPDATED] (217 comments)

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    ALSO, birds' vision is believed to be actually a little quicker than ours. They can see blades turning that are too fast for our eyes. I am 90% sure my grey oarrot can, and in 12+ years he has always avoided ceiling fans. Which is not to say this eliminates the danger (and ceiling fans do kill plenty of pet birds). But there are far worse dangers to wild birds, like habitat loss and lit windows in tall buildings at night which cause HUGE mortality.
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      If you've ever seen the Altamont wind farm, you would know that it is an equivilent of habitat lossfor the critters because the area is prime hunting ground for raptors, and not much use for anything else, except grazing cattle

      If you have ever driven from the bay area to Los Angeles on I-5, you've seen the prime real estate to expand the wind farms, and the prime habitat of the raptors too

      Ever heard of Richard Pombo, he's a congressman wants to kill the EPA, and he is financially tied to the wind farms at Altamont

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