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  •  Just a wee bit of clarification here: (5+ / 0-)

    At the time Key penned those words, the only significant concentration of fundamentalist Christianity was New England. With a few localized exceptions, the rest of the English- speaking settlements in North America were predominantly Deist in character, held over from the 30 year post - Revolutionary War era. Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Catholics (and, a few decades later, the creation of Mormonism) didn't gain substantial footholds in this country until the 1830s during a decade of religious reawakening, which lasted for another 10 or so years until America rediscovered an older religion in California - gold.

    "God" may be a part of our heritage, but cash has trumped everything from the second that John Smith set foot on Jamestown Island in 1607. Going even further back, if it weren't for the pursuit of wealth, nobody from Europe would have ever set foot in North America: the Norsemen, the Spaniards - to a man, everyone was in search of gold, silver, timber, food or some combination of the 4. "God" was a great-sounding excuse, but the real objective was wealth - and in the pursuit thereof, they pretty much butchered anyone who got in their way.

    In fact given the unvarnished history of this country, the theme from "Goldfinger" would probably be more appropriate as a national anthem. "America The Beautiful" would be a nice choice, except that by the time my grandchildren are old enough to learn the words, the oil companies will have erected fracking rigs "from sea to shining sea".

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