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View Diary: STS Discovery: The View From My Porch (11 comments)

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  •  Actually (none)
    I agree with most of what you said. But every dog has their day and for now I was just reporting on the view.
    •  The emperor decrees that the games resume! (none)
      The mob cheers itself hoarse as the Gladiators (Astronauts) enter the arena. They will risk their lives to deliver a thrilling spectacle. If they live, they will achieve glory for themselves and Rome (America). If they die, the mob will thrill to the macabre spectacle.

      We take our bread for granted, but our circuses are more precious than anything. If we did not have our circuses, we would have to examine our own meager lives and perhaps question those who control the Empire.

      Members of the mob can only be alive for a few brief instants by witnessing the extreme danger of others (a NASCAR crash or an exploding Shuttle). Afterwards they sink back into their slow deaths, walking the dwindling number of impotent steps toward oblivion.

      The mob cries: Give us a spectacle, Caesar! Give us the Space Shuttle!

      Bush declares: Let the games resume!

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