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  •  Yes, a HUMILIATION (none)
    When the Challenger commission said that the Shuttle design had a 1% catastrophic failure rate, the program should have been cancelled outright. Only a nation of corrupt assholes would have continued doing the same dumb shit. Hello! Columbia explodes a few years later. Now we decide that the best response to that disaster is to do the same dumb shit again.

    Today, millions will ooh and ahh, like children at the fireworks, over a launch in a program that has been one of the most ludicrous frauds of the taxpayers in American history. Why? BECAUSE IT LOOKS COOL!

    Serious space scientists understand that the Shuttle is a piece of crap, but serious scientists don't run NASA. POLITICIANS RUN NASA. And they have got your number. You want to see cool looking shit on TV.

    Never mind that they are going to shut off Voyager just as it goes deeper into space than any other vehicle. Never mind that they are getting ready to cut other unmanned programs to build new low-Earth orbit joyride toys. The serious science doesn't look cool on TV!

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