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    Calamity Jean, starduster

    It's all just part of the show.

    Yes, Joe Scarborough is a jackass. And there are plenty of other jackasses out there who will somehow always find a way to blame whatever's bothering them on the stupid crap, like somebody else's race; or their religious; or where they come from; or when all else fails, their party affiliation. The difference is, Joe Scarborough is one of the elite jackasses. He helps keep the show running. His job, in the overall scheme of things, is to keep the townspeople up in arms and at fever pitch, focused on whatever phony conflict feeds their coarsest instincts. Because that makes for a good show. And a good show keeps their feeble minds off the stuff that really matters. And both sides in our gridlock kabuki do it. ACA opposition/race is just one more diversion.

    Morning Joe, like most of the media--in fact like most of the partisan nonsense that fills our field of vision every day--is like watching pro wrestling. The conflict and the gore may look real, but they're not; all those two guys up there care about is which of their names will go at the top of the card next week. And how much I'll pay to see it.

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