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  •  Michael Words by Robert Service (1921) (7+ / 0-)
    There’s something in your face, Michael
    I’ve seen it all the day
    There’s somethin’ square that wasn’t there
    When first you went away, when first you went away

    It’s just the army life, mother,
    The drill, the left and right,
    That puts the stiffening in your spine
    And locks your jaw up tight, and locks your jaw up tight

    There’s somethin’ in your eyes, Michael,
    And how they stare and stare
    You’re lookin’ at me now, boy,
    As if I wasn’t there, as if I wasn’t there

    It’s just the things I’ve seen, mother,
    The sights that come and come
    A bit of broken, bloody pulp
    That used to be a chum, that used to be a chum

    There’s somethin’ in your heart, Michael,
    That makes you wake at night
    And often when I hear you moan
    I tremble in my fright, I tremble in my fright

    It’s just a man I killed, mother,
    A mother’s son like me
    It seems he’s always haunting me
    He’ll never let me be, he’ll never let me be

    But maybe he was bad, Michael,
    Maybe it was right
    To kill the enemy you hate
    In fair and honest fight, in fair and honest fight

    I did not hate at all, mother,
    He never did me harm
    I think he was a lad like me
    Who worked upon a farm, I’m sure he worked upon a farm

    And what’s it all about, Michael?
    Why’d you have to go?
    A quiet, peaceful lad like you
    When we were happy so, when we were happy so

    It’s them up above, mother,
    It’s them that sits and rules
    We’ve got to fight the wars they make
    It’s us as are the fools, it’s us as are the fools

    And when will it end, Michael,
    And what’s the use, I say,
    Of fightin’ if whoever wins
    It’s us that’s got to pay? It’s us that’s got to pay

    Oh it will be the end, mother,
    When lads like him and me
    That sweat to feed the ones above
    Decide that we’ll be free, decide that we’ll be free

    And when will that day come, Michael?
    And when will fightin’ cease?
    And simple folks may till their soil
    And live in love and peace? And live and love in peace?

    It’s comin’ soon and soon, mother,
    It’s nearer every day
    When only those who work and sweat
    Will have a word to say

    When all who earn their honest bread
    In ev’ry land and soil
    Will claim the fellowship of all,
    The comradeship of toil

    When we the workers all demand,
    “What are we fighting for?”
    Then, then we’ll end that stupid crime,
    That devil’s madness, war.

    "The good Earth — we could have saved it, but we were too damn cheap and lazy." Kurt Vonnegut - "A Man Without a Country", 2005.

    by BOHICA on Sun May 25, 2014 at 07:41:02 AM PDT

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