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View Diary: How Racial Profiling Helped Elliot Rodger Murder 7 People in Isla Vista (85 comments)

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  •  Oh, hindsight is always so easy (5+ / 0-)

    Nobody has a crystal ball to see which person will become the next spree killer.  Or commit the next act of terror.  It's a no-win situation for the police, doctors, and for that matter the government.  

    It's funny (and hypocritical) to see people here rant about surveillance and the government (including the police) "targeting" someone.  On one hand, if the police watch and follow someone who is acting suspiciously (or if the NSA does surveillance on someone) they are accused of being racist, or violating constitutional rights, or spying on people.  

    Obviously, the police can't just apprehend someone, or put them in a mental institution without REAL legal cause.  Paperwork from doctors, and an order from a judge.  Otherwise the guy could sue.  If this guy had been "surveilled" by the police, or taken to a mental institution BEFORE this rampage happened, many people (including many here on DKOS) would have been wailing and moaning about "police brutality" and violation of his "rights", and being "spied upon for his views".

    As I said, it's a no-win for the authorities involved.  Should individuals be watched and taken into (mental evaluation) custody if they show some aberrant behavior?  How much discretion should the police have? Or is is a violation of the person's rights in this country?

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