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View Diary: Feminism: a few thoughts (and a request!) from a guy's perspective (201 comments)

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  •  The books that (18+ / 0-)

    helped me deal with some of the more insidiously casual violence I encountered in my worklife were the graphic novels of Hothead Paizan, homicidal lesbian terrorist.

    Another book that is a terrible read, but good for trying to understand why some straight guys really do think that "you just haven't met the right one (guy/penis)" when you politely decline a sexual encounter is The Manly Hearted Woman. Perfectly terrible, but told from the perspective of a straight guy about an Indian woman, so, there you have it.

    Le Deuxieme Sexe or The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir is a good read, too.  She and Jean Paul Sartre had an interesting life together.  She, herself, led an incredible life rife with sexism which informed the book she wrote.  I prefer the French version, but there are some good translations available.

    Russia Through the Eyes of Women is another good book.  Dunno if that has been translated into English or not, just translated the title.

    Women Who Run with Wolves -- don't think I quite finished this book, but it may help some out there.

    And, there is also a great biography about Anna Mae Aquash, the title escapes my memory . . .

    A biography about Vera Atkins and the attitudes toward women in WWII.

    The Jackdaws fiction based on non-fiction about female spies in Nazi-controlled France.

    That about does it for now -- just titles I could get without perusing my shelves . . .

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