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  •  The entire American (7+ / 0-)

    system of government is based upon the Iroquois.  I fought tooth and nail for this at my college for a basis of their "civics" lesson.  All I heard back from the administration was that "democracy was born in Greece."  I answered with the fact that the first American version of the Bible was published in Algonquin. Didn't win me any points with the "scholars that be," that stunt, but I did it anyway.

    Yes, the First Nations' types were the entire basis of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of our current government.  It was not based on the antiquated systems thought up by Greeks and Romans.  It's about time for our fair share of history to be shared.

    The "great awakening" in Europe was due to the influences of our ambassadors to Europe.  There are first hand accounts in European libraries of the fact that First Nations' ambassadors going to the "Old World" and seeing first hand how the Europeans treated their peoples.  It also notes how those same ambassadors fundamentally changed how Europeans viewed the world.  I read many of those first hand accounts while I was abroad.  I regained my pride of being a First Nations people from those accounts.

    It also drove me to talk with my elders upon my return to hear their stories about just how much we, as peoples, have encouraged radical changes in how Euro-Americans view their world and their culture.  I applaud those who cling to traditional ways of life.  I try to honor them by practicing the traditional way of life as I walk my own path.

    A Black man invented the cotton gin.  A Black man invented shoelaces.  First Nations' peoples drove the change that encouraged the New Deal and the Great Society.  White America, please wake up.  A lot of history of the Americas is not because of you, it is inspite of you.  

    I am tired of whitewhashed and straightened history.  Eleanor Roosevelt had a female lover as Abraham Lincoln had a male lover.  Why can't we face the fact that all humans are, in point of fact, created equal?  Why can we not accept that healthcare is a basic human right, not some benefit to be gained from gainful (but debt-ridden) employment? As are the right to an education that is beneficial and not laced with financial burden?

    I know I have veered off-topic and I apologize.  Thank you for tolerating my rant.

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