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  •  I don't think you teach judging character. (4+ / 0-)

    I think you teach self respect. More than anything, that.
    I think you teach them self reliance. Self defense.  

    I think you teach them their value as part of a family unit. That they can't afford to be injured, because it has the power to hurt the whole family. There is no more powerful thing you can teach a young woman then that she has the power to protect her family by protecting herself. And no way to make her feel more valued by her family than to make her know it.  Sadly, especially now when the price is so much higher, thanks to republican misogyny and oppressive legislature.

    I think that you teach them that unfortunately, people they know may try to hurt them and that no matter what, it isn't all right and that they CAN FIGHT BACK ANND THEY CAN TELL THEIR FAMILY. And when you give them the self respect, the tools and the confidence to fight back, they will stand taller and move more confidently, and not draw the attention of predators.

    The unfortunate truth is, that at least for now, it is better for them to be scared by you as you teach them, then it is for them to panic when they need to run, or to be unaware when a simple "no thanks  I've had enough" will get them home safe. And you will find that they will make better choices not out of fear, but out of the smarts you gave them.

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