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  •  Omigod (4+ / 0-)

    I haven't knitted for 25 years, and I started a sweater for myself a few weeks ago.

    I've started it over ELEVEN times already, and I'm contemplating starting over again. I feel like Sisyphus and the rock. I'd be more than half done now if I didn't keep ripping out.

    Every time it looks a little better than the last, but still not good enough. It looks like a first effort. Even my first effort 50 years ago looked better, though. I'm doing ribbing, and the uneven stitches stick out like sore thumbs. If I continue on, and if I wear it, everyone I meet is is going to say, "Oh, you made that, didn't you?"

    I'm enjoying working on it, though, even if I just keep doing the bottom three inches over and over.

    •  Don't stress over uneven stitches (1+ / 0-)
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      Chun Yang

      Over time those stitches fix themselves, meaning they start to look more even. I look at projects I finished in the past and am amazed at the evenness of the stitches. They certainly weren't even when I knitted them.

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