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  •  Probably biased (4.00)
    being another New England liberal, but Boston is one of the finest cities in America!
    •  Nice, but too cold!!! (none)
      I get enough of that here in Detroit. I need to find a nice, WARM progressive city.
      •  Portland (none)

        Not warm, necessarily, but not frigid, either.

        My wife and I watched the sun's last rays yesterday evening illuminate the tops of the sequoias and doug firs across the street from our house.  A bottle of pinot noir, grilled salmon a neighbor had caught, no misquitos, and as darkness descended, we went inside for sweatshirts.

        I love living in a place where you occasionally need a light jacket in July.

        But - it rains all the time here, dontcha know   ;-)

      •  Toronto? (none)
        Whoops cold there too. I'm always looking for a perfect place. I do love the historic feel of NE, adore the desert of Arizona, would miss being near an ocean, must have decent art museums, and must be (although I'm sick of the nomenclature) - BLUE.
        •  Lookin' at a warm place in Canada? (none)
          Of course no place compares with most of the US in terms of a warm climate, but Vancouver comes close.  The snow stays on the ski hills, and the temperatures are mild.  It rains a lot from October through April, but the rest of the year is generally sunny and pleasant.

          Oh, and it's considered liberal by Canadian standards.

          "The state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation." - Pierre Trudeau

          by fishhead on Wed Jul 13, 2005 at 01:04:56 PM PDT

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