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View Diary: Kennedy Calls on Santorum to Apologize (195 comments)

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  •  Sometimes you have say "Fuck the RWCM." (none)
    A more critical example was the appearance of OBL on the eve of the election, which in the absurd world of our electorate, most likely helped Bush win.

    In retrospect, should Kerry have said, "Why is this man free?  Why was he allowed to escape at Tora Bora?  This shows the incompetence of this administration in the war on terror."?

    Maybe the RWCM would have jumped all over him for politicizing terror.  But maybe he could have added, "Some will say this is politicizing the issue of terror.  I say to you that no one has politicized terror more than this administration.  And the appearance and continued freedom of this gloating madman who the President said he wanted 'dead or alive' shows that the President has failed in the war on terror."

    Dean probably would have said something like that.  (But he also said OBL should get a fair trial.  True, but politically poisonous.)

    (I don't usually use obscenity in posts, but I just listened to "On Point" and heard David Corn sputtering helplessly as, after he had obliterated all of the purported Rove "defenses," Byron York and some Ga. Congressman went into their "partisan Dems. routine.")

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