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  •  SSD eligibility and enrollment is such a (3+ / 0-)

    mixed bag of experiences. I've had friends held up for years waiting for an answer, others who sailed through enrollment despite similar physical ailments. I think it depends greatly on locale and the posture of SSD offices/case officers. Following welfare reductions in the 90s, acquaintances of mine who were welfare case workers helped more than a few clients move to SSD, making the best case possible for disability. A current acquaintance in community health services regularly sees mentally and physically able people looking for a diagnosis to get on SSD. I don't fault these people, very few are real con artists. Most "scammers" have health issues of varying seriousness (some very mild) attempting to figure out a way to live. Faced with a choice of stretching the truth to collect a few hundred a month or keep their "dignity" and end up on the street, some make a logical choice. As long as this society does not guarantee employment and looks to derail welfare programs, people will certainly look to "scam".

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    by the fan man on Tue May 27, 2014 at 06:10:15 AM PDT

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