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View Diary: Oklahoma gun range gets liquor license (181 comments)

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    seems legit.  bars here are not banned from allowing people to carry firearms.  for that matter, signs do not carry the force of law and anyone can go to a restaurant and order a drink while carrying concealed.  unless they are identified as carrying and asked to leave, in which case they must immediately leave.

    I've done it.  Never felt the need to kill anyone.  I understand the visceral fear.  I really do.  But guns just don't make me angry.  Neither does beer.

    I'm not bragging when I say this.  I'm not boasting at all.  But if I so had the desire, or any other average intelligence person or greater to inflict any real harm on one or a bunch of people, i don't need a gun.

    I am sensitive to others, and I understand they aren't all comfortable.  I do what I can to accommodate any potential discomfort.  But at the end of the day, I just don't want to die any sooner than I have to.  And I want to protect my family.  My neck of the woods isn't so safe.

    Hell I had four people exit a vehicle with melee weapons and approach my vehicle during a pizza delivery a decade ago.  I did what any sane person would do.  I sped away like a scared little girl.  I don't want any trouble.  But if I can't get away, and I have anything to do with it, I'm gonna survive.

    I realize I'm a smaller demographic on this site.

    Peace to all.

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