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View Diary: Burr doubles down on his attack on veterans' groups (103 comments)

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  •  If you ask vets to choose (6+ / 0-)

    between Shinseki, a general with a stellar record, and Burr, an entitled asshole with shit for brains who's never served a day in his life, I can tell you who they're going to choose, and who they'd be more than happy to stand behind and go to bat for.

    Hint - it ain't Burr.

    And if anything is going to sink the GOP with vets, it's going after Shinseki, who has done a good job with the scraps he's gotten for funding.

    One other thing - Burr might not be up for re election this time, but vets have LOOOONNNNNNGGGGG memories and they hold grudges for DECADES. Ask Jane Fonda.

    Please proceed, Senator.

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