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View Diary: Cuomo's camp admits to keeping Republicans in control of Senate (158 comments)

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  •  Well (4+ / 0-)

    let's consider the record.

    He took office at a time when the republican party was gasping for air and improved their status with his post-partisanship crap.  Now, they essentially control the government despite holding only one house of congress.  

    There were no consequences for Lieberman's betrayal.

    He traded in the false claims that 60 votes are needed to pass legislation in the senate and that "there simply aren't the votes," without any politician going on record.

    •  Don't forget that today's Democratic Party (4+ / 0-)

      seems to lack anyone -- anyone -- whom its own leadership regards as worth nominating for the position of Secretary of Defense.

      Devastating, isn't it?

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