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View Diary: If New York's Working Family Party wants to be taken seriously, Zephyr Teachout ain't the ticket (124 comments)

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    Read the "The Blogosphereís Reaction and Pre-Conference Debates" section, interesting. Can't say I'm (retroactively) on the angry blogosphere's side, really.

    Especially the part where people were angry at Rebecca MacKinnon because surely, if she linked to that post by Zephyr, that must mean that she agreed with and endorsed what Zephyr wrote seems ... quaint, in retrospect. Maybe because we now live in an age where "retweet ≠ endorsement" barely even needs to be added anymore because it's just taken for granted (at least among halfway smart and internet-savvy people).

    I might be influenced by how that conference also reads like a bit of a star-studded list of Internet scholars/experts: MacKinnon herself, Jeff Jarvis, Gillmor, Jay Rosen.

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