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View Diary: Some Democrats join calls for Shinseki to resign (117 comments)

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  •  why is it that the 1st response to a problem is (7+ / 0-)

    "Fire someone - now!" (or, if it's an international problem, "Bomb someone - now!")

    Investigate - of course
    Fix the problem - even better, and a higher priority

    But fire someone before you know what happened?   No, it shouldn't work that way.  And when we've reacted this way, it turns out to be the wrong thin g to do, more often than not.

    When we really know what happened, we can hold the responsible people accountable - you know, like we did for the lies leading up to thew wars, and the torture, and the recession, and the .....

    Meanwhile, this is just another attack on the President by attacking his staff.  We don't need a witch-hunt - we need to fix what's wrong.

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