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  •  POP goes their bubble! (6+ / 0-)

      from VOX:

    Starting in 2016, people will be able to buy insurance across state lines.

    Selling insurance across state lines is a favorite health policy talking point for conservatives. Starting in 2016, that can happen: states will be able to form compacts that allow consumers to buy insurance across state lines.

    There is some red tape: coverage offered through the compacts must comply with Obamacare, which means they have to provide the same mandatory benefits and protections against high out-of-pocket costs that current exchange plans offer. Moreover, interstate health compacts will require approval from the Secretary of Health and Human Services before they are recognized and permitted to enroll people.

    Oh the horrors, ACA has adopted a GOP plan...and they either don't know or won't admit that this even exists.

    I have had discussions with anti-ACA folks about this list - of which they can only discuss 3 of the 21 provisions about ACA that darn few folks know about....which, by my magic math means that there are 18 exceptionally good pieces of information and 3 GOP spinable.

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