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View Diary: The Daily Kos Elections Power Rankings: The States (21 comments)

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  •  CO has all mail ballot this year (1+ / 0-)
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    We should see much less drop off than some other states, which is one reason I actually don't think Gov - and maybe not Sen either - will be close. Also, R's have no chance in State House. Senate they do, but not a large one as they are giving one of their recall Senate seats back, maybe both.

    •  Thanks ColoDem, I was about to post this about our (0+ / 0-)

      CO.  Put a fork in Gardner, he's an idiot and will show his true colors. For the rest, I got three words for ya:

      Mail. In. Ballots.

    •  Colorado (1+ / 0-)
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      is not as close as the MSM wants it to be...we know the gop/baggers, and they are extremist losers...the issue that is going to be a big one is the Local Control debate...the state wants to let Big OandG do what they want...Governor Hick is a big friend of Big OandG...We the people, on the other hand, want to not have to drink poisoned water, breath poisoned air, and all the other negative aspects of Drilling and Fracking...this may be the "defining" issue in '14...

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