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View Diary: Open Carry Texas harasses, threatens former Marine for speaking against them (329 comments)

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  •  The second group is just as much a problem (6+ / 0-)

    as the third.

    Olympic style competitive shooters, antique collectors, and official hunters for control of animal populations...that is ok. As are certain folk who live in remote areas and what not.

    Nobody else needs a gun for any reason. If you think youre going to be Charles Bronson, stop. If you're going to defend your cookie cutter piece of shit subdivision suburban mimi mansion you mistakenly call a castle, stop. If you hunt, get a new hobby. If you like to go to the range, get a new hobby. If you are stocking up for the war against the federal government, or the race war, or armageddon, or definitely should not be allowed a gun.

    •  Meh, I dunno. I've known one hunter (4+ / 0-)
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      mmacdDE, wonmug, BMScott, jessbell911

      who kept herself fed by hunting well into her golden years.  I don't see any harm in that.

      And some LGBT people do have reason to own guns.  I've known of one couple who have gone to the local gun store and bought a gun, and then gone and gotten shooting lessons, when they moved into a conservative, rural area.  

      The idea wasn't that they wanted to shoot anybody, but the hope that people would think twice about messing with "those dykes/those fags" if the word got around that they were armed.

      Are a lot of people more scared than they need to be of home invasion?  Yes.  But I don't see any up-side to even mentioning trying to take away all the guns.  That just feeds the paranoia.

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      by cai on Fri May 30, 2014 at 02:25:17 PM PDT

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      •  Oh, people are already not buying them. (5+ / 0-)
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        dandy lion, Shuruq, a2nite, FogCityJohn, wonmug

        Because most people, god bless em, are not nutcase freaks. That is why gun ownership os declining across the board and with ever succeeding generation. According to pew, the person least likely to own or want a gun in her home is a a white woman under 30. Quite frankly, gun owners are mostly old, white and thankfully dying off.

        So we will at a point in the cery near future have a a population where 90% do not own guns and dont want them and dont want other people to have them either. And then they will be taken away, and we can begin to live like its no longer the 19th Century.

        Give two or three generations.  Im ahead of time, im certain.

        •  I don't know, yo (0+ / 0-)

          I lived in Montana for several years and many families went hunting to stock up their freezers for a year. This is how they survived and sustained themselves. I don't like guns but had to fire them in the military, but I think you're going too far when it comes to more rural states feeding their families. And the herds will starve if they become too over-populated.

      •  I used to have a couple of guns because: (0+ / 0-)

        very rural area and in those days, some of the locals wore "Be a man, join the klan." And a couple of times I had some confrontations with the "klan" types.
           But things are different now. The area is much more built up and the cops can respond in a timely manner.

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