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  •  Yes, easily. Kashkari is a total joke, though (1+ / 0-)
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    Kashkari getting beaten out for a top-2 spot despite all the money (his own, and establishment GOP donating to keep Donnelly out) and attention lavished on him by the mainstream GOP, as well as the SF Chronicle, would be such a sweet rejection. Of both 1%ers trying to buy elections, as well as his pathetic role in the TARP program. Read this Matt Taibbi piece if you want to know why I think Kashkari is such a loser as a man, and symbolic of all that is wrong in modern politics/finance.

    At one point, Kashkari was 4th in the race, behind Brown, Donnelly, and Glenn Champ, a man who had convictions for soliciting prostitutes and manslaughter. And yet, the Chronicle was covering him as if there were no other candidates in the race aside from himself (Kashkari) and Brown. It was a really pathetic display by a paper that has become rather disgusting in its veneration of rich people.

    Looks like all that late money and GOP desperation got him into the general, though. Too bad...

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