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  •  regrouping (24+ / 0-)
    5/31 – A decision has been made. We are coming back to the States to regroup.
    One, I hope your son gets paid before leaving!

    Two, I hope that perhaps on your way back to the states that you will be able to make some stops along the way to other areas of interest (if funds permit).

    There is so much to deal with in living in another country and culture. Much can be good, and sometimes not so much.

    I hope that I will be able to move back to Europe once the foreclosures in my neighborhood finally go on the market (many vacant for well over 3 years now after the owners moved out and still not up for sale, just sitting there deteriorating, bringing all values down) and at some point sell this house-due to the foreclosures worth less than 1/2 what I paid.

    I see lots of recs but few comments. I think we all hoped so much that the move would have turned out great, an affordable place, good healthcare and a quality of life.

    And we are saddened that it didn't.

    When you decide where to go in the future after coming back will be another adventure to look forward to, OPOL.

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