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View Diary: New York Times: Republicans replace 'repeal' with 'incoherent mishmash' (44 comments)

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  •  Also, until a month ago (9+ / 0-)

    …through the end of March -- they believed they had a ticket to ride to mid-term victories. "ObamaCare" would pull them through. Now, I see numbers of the dead and dying trickling in from the states that refused Medicaid expansion. And Red State hospitals facing bankruptcy that must be bailed out by state taxpayers for hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

    When mid terms roll around, this won't just be a wonky talking point. It will be in everyone's faces -- and Republicans will be running from it.

    The perverted Benghazi Ivestibation show trial is going to hurt them badly, as well, for a number of reasons. Primarily because the real answers to the questions they have are highly classified. Like what the Chris Stevens doing there that day. I have the funniest feeling that whole thing is going to be cancelled or curtailed. They may win, but they will be running on fumes.

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