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View Diary: Republicans take a 'leave that man behind' view when it's Obama getting Bergdahl's release (115 comments)

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    Constitution of our Republic as a foundation for a much better "Government of Law" than ever has been found in the history of "Government of man" - or "Divine Right", Feudalism, - I keep wondering what has happened to the principle of INNOCENT until proven Guilty.

    If memory serves, even the Uniform Code of Military Justice operates on this fundamental.  Yet, solely on the unsupported word of some very disgruntled members of the man's former Platoon - and a whole lot of Teabaghead/Republican "hype" by way of their spin-doctors - we now have a "traitor", "deserter", instead of a repatriated POW.  And we have a whole host of folks frothing at the mouth, and champing at the bit, to "blame" anyone and everyone, from the President on down, for not being up to some notional form of "patriotism".

    I think Shakespeare said it far more succinctly, and much more pointedly that I can:  "What fools these mortals be!"

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