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View Diary: Public says they won't vote for a climate change-denying president (117 comments)

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  •  Wow, look at that gender gap in the crosstabs. (1+ / 0-)
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    Women support the new carbon regulations 58-27.

    Men, only 47-44.

    Similarly w.r.t. AGW denial.

    Women accept the science 60-31, men reject it 49-46.

    That's much wider than the last Prez election's gender gap. Perhaps as wide a gap as I've seen on any issue.

    Ummm.... men? Listen to the women around you, please.

    (funny tidbit: after learning about Rubio's science-rejecting stance, his standing actually slightly improved among men, offset by a larger drop among women).

    Finally, one worrying cross-tab: the youngest voters (18-29) are surprisingly the ones most inclined to reject the science.

    I wonder whether that's just a small-sample fluke. If not, that's the generation most likely to suffer the consequences, who are right now most in denial of reality. And kind of run against the narrative of young people all mobilized vis-a-vis global warming.

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