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View Diary: Public says they won't vote for a climate change-denying president (117 comments)

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  •  Not to mention the media will drive 'change=Thug' (1+ / 0-)
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    hard because 1) many of them are stupid and that level of thinking is about as good as it gets for them, i.e. different party = change! (just as death = change!), 2) many are corrupt and co-opted, 3) many just want a good, close fight to drive ratings and $$, and 4) Fauxspews.

    Put them together with the low information voters historical tendency to think the same and Murdock's rabid marching morons, and it likely will be close regardless of the merits.  3rd terms are very rare, even with booms to lift the incumbent party. See, Humphrey, BushI, Gore.  

    Indeed, I can make a strong prima facie case that HRC is the only D who can win in 2016, even against BatshitInsane.

    That's how depressing electoral analysis can get.

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