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View Diary: Seattle is officially on its way to a $15 minimum wage (43 comments)

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  •  2021 is 7 yrs away. this has obamacare loopholes (1+ / 0-)

    that are going to end up benefiting those who can afford 2 or 3 lawyers, I fear.

    BTW - when you can afford 2 or 3 lawyers to get "justice" from obamacare or 15 in 7 years,

    you don't NEED obamacare or 15 in 7 years.

    Seattle "progressives" have won another victory for the CON$ultant cla$$ they live next door to or are part of.

    (pst! how many under $15/ hr. peeps are getting fucked on 29 ours a week out here in Seattle ?? 5 barristas down the street ...)

    IF the big bozy are shelling out 15 in 3 years, THEN I'll believe it happened - it will force up the wages for the little guyz.


    Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look; He thinks too much: such men are dangerous

    by seabos84 on Tue Jun 03, 2014 at 05:50:31 PM PDT

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