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    Let me stipulate a few things first.

    Yes, I think he was in effect a POW. No, I don't think he was a deserter. Yes, I think that no matter what his state of mind or his objective when he left his base, he should be brought home. No, I have no problems with a prisoner swap, especially because Guantanamo should never have been created in the first place, let alone maintained for well over a decade. (That alone is a travesty.) And yes, it is appalling that his return should be politicized in this way. Plenty of shame to go around with those who seek to make hay from his misfortunes.

    All that said--I think that Bowe Bergdahl was ill-served by his parents through their education of him. If this young man sought first to join the FFL and was rejected, and then thought that he would fulfill his quest for adventure by joining the U.S. Army, he was woefully misinformed. He was an adult when he joined, but he should have had more worldly knowledge than he did when he went looking for what he wanted to do with his life. It's fine to have a classical education. Not so fine when it excludes any apparent exposure to the conditions of early-21st century U.S. armed forces, and the reasons for the 13 wasted years in Afghanistan.

    But they all, Bowe most, will be suffering from this cruel outcome for the rest of their lives. No one else has had this much at stake. I don't have any right to pile on, either, only to express my own sorrow to see their son's life squandered in this way.

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    by peregrine kate on Thu Jun 05, 2014 at 05:21:38 PM PDT

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