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    There was an old Star Trek episode where a clever society adapted their every day life to a book left by a previous Star ship, "The Gangs of Old Chicago."  Everyone walked around with machine guns over their shoulders every where they went, including mothers with baby carriages.  The show focused on the political ramifications of election by mob hit rather than accidental shootings but the message was clear- this was one dysfunctional society that had to be rescued by the crew of the Starship Enterprise.  It is quite apparent that all these little boys with their big toys were traumatized by that show.  They are afraid to leave their guns at home because you never know when someone will try to cut in line at Target and require immediate punishment.

     One has to wonder if the NRA really wants to live in a society where everyone carries guns at all times and places.  After all their members have to shop for groceries like everyone else.  Do they really want to risk death by gun accident, not just at home but every time they leave the house?

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