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View Diary: Purging Maine of peak craziness: Michael Michaud for governor (70 comments)

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    That idea addresses the immediate problem of preventing a LePage, but it does not go far in empowering third parties, which is necessary if we are to weaken the role of big money.  Further, in many states or cities where the Democrats are a secure dominant party they tend to become corrupt.  Making serious electoral challenges more feasible is a good way to rejuvenate overly secure parties as well as ensure that important issues are addressed in campaigns.

    •  there really never has been a third party that (0+ / 0-)

      had the potential of being a major party on par with the Rs or Ds the closest was the populist party in the 1890s. and that faded away when the dems under bryan co-opted all their ideas,. the bull moose party was basically TR flipping taft the bird and didnt produce much on the federal or state level. perot got more votes than any other third party candidate in history and like;y would have done better had he not dropped out in August, he could have gotten close to a third of the vote.

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        Third parties have been organized around personalities and have not had legs to last because of the electoral rules that basically push voters towards one of two.  The progressives were the closest to an alternative, and fell victim to plurality rules.

        Once Democrats started adopting some Progressive measures, many voters voted strategically for the more established Democrats rather than risking splitting the vote and letting Republicans in. With majority elections the Progressives might well still be a viable force today, and shaping the content of political debate.

        The pattern results from the rules, and today the rules make a viable progressive political movement far more difficult to organize than would be the case with majoritarian elections.

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