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View Diary: Fox News responds to wave of pro-marriage equality decisions by not mentioning them (27 comments)

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  •  And what I love about it is as a result, their (4+ / 0-)

    viewers are continually shocked and mortified at election outcomes and legislation passage.  For example, they literally couldn't believe Obama won reelection by a landslide because up to (and even after) the very minute that every real news outlet calling the election for Obama they had been told that Romney would win easily.  How are these poor saps supposed to square these two things in their feeble little minds?  They literally can't believe or accept the enormous Obamacare sign-up success, because to this very day they're being told what a horrible disaster it is and that it will be repealed any minute now.  Their gullible, tiny brains are a glorious cocktail of confusion, anger, sorrow and disbelief.  I absolutely LOVE IT!!  Please, please, please Faux News never stop what you're doing!

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