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  •  You have nailed it for the rational and informed.. (0+ / 0-)

    Nice and neat summary of each of the pseudo/faux scandals. The question is this.....isn't the electorate mostly uninformed and mostly influence by how things are packaged?

    When you have the kind of money the GOP is being fed by its backers/masters coupled with a rabid base all that is needed is to suppress the vote (and they are sure working to do that) and fool enough of those who do not auto-vote Dem. to win.

    An impeachment drama would provide the platform to play all of this out while further stalling what's left of the Obama agenda AND at the same time pushing him to act with even more executive orders.

    I keep hearing about the economic issues but who, per the polls, does the public blame for the lack of a robust recovery, Obama.

    2014: Progressivism vs. Plutocracy

    by murphthesurf3 on Wed Jun 04, 2014 at 10:29:49 PM PDT

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    •  there are those who are convinced that Obama (7+ / 0-)

      is really a Kenyan pretender and that at some point, this will be proven and he will be turned out of office and McCain will be named POTUS for the balance of the unserved term and all appointments, legislation and regulations will be repealed.  if it comes after his tenure, then there will still be the dial back of his accomplishments to 2010.  Thus the ACA and other signature accomplishments will be erased from the pages of history.

      It sounds fantastic but in Wingertopia where some of us lurk and wade, this is common fare.  This is Alex Jones territory for the very lowest information voters who instead think they are "in" on some very hush hush information.  I can only point out that the GOP has tried all sorts of slanders against Obama and he won twice.  Things are going well enough that unless the GOP comes up with a very strong candidate with very very strong populist roots, there is still not a chance for the GOP.

      Most people have caught onto the fact that the GOP is doing sleight of hand, promising a series of social reforms that never come while they continue to legislate economic changes that favor the 1%.  The failure to deliver on the social agenda dates back to Reagan, the champion of GOP family values.  As things are now, the GOP social agenda is too radical for the average American voter who wants HCR, access to abortions for his family, and an economic safety net for the "working class"  

      •  Making Sense in the Red and Purple States (0+ / 0-)

        You sound like someone who lives in my neighborhood.

        Obama will be hit by an array of charges- every scandal, every faux pas, every decision with which the House majority disagrees and even things that the left is angry about (GOP strategists are good at doing this).....and the sheer weight of the charges will reaffirm the view of those who hate him AND will sway those on fence.

        I regard this as a real threat. I live in a red state. Our base will not be convinced but theirs will be even further animated and, I think, ours robbed of a lot of enthusiasm. To combat the rigged election laws, the power of money (and therefore propaganda and on the ground organization) we are going to need a series of Dem tsunamis and a trial will suck energy from the forces needed to build that wave.

        Let me add that the leadership in the house and senate are always the LAST to jump onto something controversial but they will when the time comes.

        41 members of the House are calling for impeachment, and five members of the Senate have expressed support for the idea....I don not for a second believe that Boehner can block his caucus - all it takes to remove him is a simple majority vote in the House.

        A word about you point that  "Most people have caught onto the fact that the GOP is doing sleight of hand, promising a series of social reforms that never come while they continue to legislate economic changes that favor the 1%."

        I live in Missouri- a state where the GOP rabid legislature has blocked ACA medicaid expansion- and in my area, rural, poor and in need of that expansion- ACA remains the great socialist evil foisted on the nation by a dictator and his minions. Yep.

        I really appreciate your thoughtful response.

        2014: Progressivism vs. Plutocracy

        by murphthesurf3 on Thu Jun 05, 2014 at 07:19:11 AM PDT

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        •  I live in SC; I am expecting a long game from the (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:

          GOP to eventually trash the current electoral college and change the rules so the votes are split instead of winner take all in battlefield states.

          Just heard GOP Lt Guv candidate press his 3 ideas: reduce taxes; reduce regulations and reduce needless litigation.  Looking at his ideas, first of all, state taxes are already among the lowest.  Local taxes and federal taxes take the bulk of what taxes SC residents pay but SC also receives far more in tax money than it pays.  FICA is the major "taker" from most paychecks.  Nothing the Lt Guv can do.

          Again with reducing regulations, SC has one of the lower rates of regulation.  Most businesses that run afoul of regulations run afoul of fed regs.  Nothing the Lt Guv can do about that.

          Finally I am not sure what he thinks he can to do discourage litigation but it gives you an idea of how things are shaping up in this red state  

          •  Yes....yes, yes. (0+ / 0-)

            I thnk you are right on the mark. Change the electoral college to reflect House seats and the GOP is back in the game.

            I lived in SC for four years and your read on Palmetto Politics there is mine as well.

            Why did you emphasize the Lt. Gov. rather than the Gov. in your reply.

            I now live in Missouri and here there is less bile but just as  much stubborness.

            We have an odd situation in that the the state's executive tends to be a mix of dems and gop while the legislature is all gop control so there are battles regularly over legislative enforcement with a dem gov, sec of state, comptroller etc. pushing back against the right wing.

            I would like to stay in touch with you. There do not seem to be that many at DK who are from Red States and we have a different perspective as a result. SO I am going to follow you with an invitation to follow back.

            2014: Progressivism vs. Plutocracy

            by murphthesurf3 on Thu Jun 05, 2014 at 09:40:33 AM PDT

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            •  I just mention the Lt Gov race because I keep (0+ / 0-)

              the TV running 24/7.  Since I now live alone, it keeps the silence from becoming deafening at times.  The Lt Gov race is the one currently running the ads that I notice

              •  TV is ok, but conversation is better (0+ / 0-)

                Did you follow me back? Why not stay in touch here? I looked up the race and your point is well taken. Lets continue to chat

                2014: Progressivism vs. Plutocracy

                by murphthesurf3 on Thu Jun 05, 2014 at 05:39:43 PM PDT

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