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View Diary: President Obama: "No Apologies ... We Do Not Leave Anybody Wearing the American Uniform Behind." (301 comments)

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    We do not leave anybody wearing the American uniform behind,
    -- Deserters and POWs who refuse repatriation (e..g. 21 from the Korean War, and 4 deserters to NK after it).
    -- If a member misses muster and can't be found readily they're listed as AWOL. After 30 days and some searching, they're moved to Deserter status if not located or verified as prisoners. Their records are sent to Service HQ after 6 months. If they subsequently show up, they're tried on charges and in a forum consistent with the evidence from a UCMJ Article 32 proceeding.

    In my experience, and contrary to common impressions, getting a member declared a deserter is very difficult. Also, active pursuit of bona fide deserters is VERY seldom done by operational forces. If it is done at all, it's done by the Service investigative elements (NCIS, CID, OSI) or other law enforcement, and is seldom their top priority.

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